PING Sy Re Clysar

Sy: can you tell me which clysar versions you have experimented with and what were the results? I am curious to understand whyyou liked the HP grade best. I have several grades of clysar on hand and would like a fasr track as to which is best suited for panel construction. DuPont has sold clysar to another firm and they have a new range of films available. Looking forward to your response. Best regards Moray james.


2005-05-28 9:28 pm

I worked as an IT geek in the DuPont Clysar plant in Clinton IA for two months.

Small world. The end of my contract was the takeover date of the new owners.


The machinery used to make Clysar is impressive. Think glass-blowing but done with plastic 10 stories tall.

Every batch is damn near custom-made. Way cool stuff.


diyAudio Moderator Emeritus
2002-10-24 10:19 pm
Blown film. It is indeed very cool. Basically, an extruder has an exit die in a ring shape, with the ring in the horizontal plane. In the middle of the ring is a source of compressed air. As the molten polymer exits the ring in a tubular shape (upward), the pressure of the air blows the tube's diameter up by a factor of four or five times. All this is happening continuously, so as the tube inflates, the polymer cools and solidifies and the tube is then wound on a takeup, then slit to form a sheet. But the speeds are so high that the takeup is typically 10-20 meters in the air.

It's a lot of machinery. BIG machinery.