Pimp my plank

A year or so ago I was looking for a replacement neck for my Aria Strat copy, so bought a Yamaha Pacifica 112J from a pawn shop… unfortunately the neck pocket size/profile didn’t allow the swap, so I shimmed the Pacifica Neck, replaced it’s machine heads, and ended up with a nice playing but boring sounding guitar. A couple of months ago, my daughter’s boyfriend asked me to do some work on his Indian Squire Tele, not a great axe, but its Duncan designed bridge pickup sounded great through my Xvive ‘Golden Brownie’ pedal, so I set out to replicate that sound.
Ordered a Tonerider ‘Vintage Plus’ & a couple of 500K pots, and started hacking out a pick guard from some ply. Add an old Ibanez strat pickup I had lying around as a neck pu (with a phase reverse switch), and the result sounds fantastic – although nothing like the Squire! but still has plenty of twang- probably needs the lump of metal that’s a Tele bridge to get close to that. Quite versatile, my favourite sounds are both pickups out-of-phase – great rhythm tele sound, and the neck alone for lead work. And the Bridge pu just rocks. Still to do – definitely needs a treble bleed cap, and one day I’ll replace the on/off switches with a Gibson style 3 way selector. Not keen on the colour, but I’d rather be playing it than sanding the body down….


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This just reminded me that I have a red Squier Strat…..somewhere. I remember taking it apart maybe 8 to 10 years ago for some experiments. I borrowed the neck for a woodshop guitar that wound up in the trash.

I don't remember putting it back together and I have moved twice since then. What are the odds of finding all the parts and putting it back together???? I don't even know where to start.