Pictures of my Aleph 2

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Hi everibody!

I`m hapy today. Finished my aleph 2 monos. Thanks N.P. MarkFinis, Wayn S. and GRollins. Specialy Mark for beeng ease on me and my never ending questions. Amps works exelent. All values in limits. Bias 2.7 - 2.8A. Hot but not criticaly to 65°C. (BTW - my input fets (to-220 heatsiks) including Q1A5 are extremly hot - cant touch - Voltage over Zener folow.Q3 is 9,5 (9V nominal) voltage on the source of dif.input pair litle low(3.5V) -NORMAL?).Picture of front: Sory about pour quality!
rgds Marjan


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Hi Kristjan!

I`m glad you like it. General data about chasis.
Front plate 10mm balck anodized AL, cover plate same as front, heat sinks 200x300mm per side 40mm fins on 10mm base plate from MALI ELEKTRONIKA in Slovenija, bothom and back - 2mm cooper plate painted black, toroid coverd front and top sided with cooper plate. Dim. 300x300x220mm weight 25kg/piec.

rgds Marijan
Hi Rodd!

If I say that I`m enjojying everi note coming from my Manepan`s fided bay the amps, and asuming that sound will get improuved by time (only 20 ours till now) I said all. But if I try to submit - bass tight fast and dynamic going so low as Planars alowing, mids are cristaly clear and (not just a phrase) full of ambient details, higs open but newer anoing. You shoud heer the brass section on Hose Alberto CD. Pure salsa. Stage is width, deep and high compared iven with HQ tube gear. Beautiful. There is no field in frequency scale coming out. Linear and natural.

rgds Marijan
Mark hi!

Realy glad to hear from you. Like I told on the top - thank`s again. Your help was crusiall to me.

Chasis? "With a litle help of my friends" said Joe Coocker.
BTW for all of you without a proper education and expirience in the field of electronic (like me), starting the project like this (or maybe smaller?) it is great learning proces. Do not be afraid to try. It is a great expirience to turn that main switch ON and hear the music.

Mark, that Aleph 5 - stuning.

rgds Marijan

Since nobody has made a comment about the feet, I would like to make a suggestion. I learn this from HPotter/Peter Daniel. Cut eight 1" length from a 1" diameter broom handle (or aluminium, since yours looks so good) and attach it to the bottom plate of the 2 amps. It works very well.

I'm assuming you're still waiting for the feet to arrive.
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