pics of my aleph5

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hey all,
the pics and brief description of my completed aleph5 are up at the site. FCEL, i could open the thumbs.
i'd like to thank EVERYONE that took an interest in my building process.
Mark Finnis- who started me on this journey
Grey Rollins- who never let me think i was drowning...too much, and who does an amazing job at explaining electronics!!
bryan pederson- who through me a life line via e-mail for a week (including Memorial Day weekend!!)
Steve (Apogee) - a local that helped alot
Brian Bell - for the GREAT boards (the static is gone from my amp now!!)
and literally everyone else here on the Pass forum. i describe this site to friends, but they just don't get it. this is really an amazing bunch of people!!

....hmmm who else to thank.....
OH yeah,
THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH NELSON PASS!!! i'll never listen to a piece of audio equip the same way again. i don't think i'll ever design anything, but i have such an appreciation for the work that you do and have done, and how open you are with your accomplishments. i've never been involved with any hobby before (some would call an obsession) that has made me feel that i'm truly learning something while building something that gives such joy.

cheers all,
and i am serious about auditions, if anyone is in my neighborhood, my door will be open for some tunes!!

scott riegel
congratulations Scott

I can't believe it! Someone actually constructed my heatsink/chassis design. I'm proud of your efforts, Scott. I'm constructing a pair of Aleph 2s and am currently constructing the chassis. My fins are 5.25"x5.25" each. I will use 76 fins per monoblock.

I'm pleased to read that Brian's circuit boards not only work, but work well.

I live in Portland, Oregon. If we're close enough geographically, I'll come and pay you a visit. I love to hear a fellow DIYers art form.

John Inlow

Congrats!!!!!!! It looks great, it works, and no hhhuuummmmmm!!!! Excellent!!!

You need to give yourself more credit. I don't know many folks who have built their whole hifi... You should be very proud!

I look forward to having an opportunity to listen...

Again, great job and very cool...


steve, john and anyone else,
i live in western washington state, just e-mail me if you're interested in listening to my efforts.

i like your design, and i think it works well, it's easy to configure it to meet thermal needs. it IS time consuming, but no complaints here!!!

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