Pics of BD-Pipe w FE103A

JasonL said:
What are yuo useing yuor apple laptop for...

Welcome back Jason.

I was wondering if anyone would deduce the flying saucer power-supply meant there was a PowerBook out of picture.

Using it, a modified apple mic, and Mac-the-Scope to do in-room 1/3 octave RTA.

They measure fairly flat 80-15k, tweeter disconected (allowance has to be given for no mic calibration). These are quite nice sounding (Chris & i are at the local hifi store every Friday afternoon and have heard lots of speakers well into 4 figures that don't play music as well as these).

I think that there is a more optimum box for these, so am am waiting until i can spend the time to figure out how to make Mac-the-Scope do automatic T/S measurements and then i'll tackle some sort of bi-polar push-push quarter-wave design for the FE103As i have collected

JasonL said:
g4 500mhz with a dvd burner and 512 megs ram and a dual head video card.. nice little g4 tower..

That would be one of the 1st with the SuperDrive. Nice box... be warned: once you get used to two monitors you won't be able to go back.

I'm running X on my G4 450 (1.25GB RAM) w two video cards driving a 22 & 19" LaCie electronBlues. Have Jaguar CDs, but haven't installed it yet.

My PowerBook is an old bronze G3/400 with a billion miles on it. Really useful for taking into the field (literally or figuartively) to do RTA with. I also have a G3/233 AIO w AV IO (iMac precursor) that i'll use in the lab to run Mac-the-Scope as an oscilloscope, RTA, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, TS Parameter capture etc.

Now some more on-topic to keep from threadjacking my own thread.

When i 1st built my BD-Pipes w Radio Shack 40-1197s they were intended as temporary replacements. They have ended up being impetus for a whole new direction. The FE103A pipes are the latest in a series of experiments using vesions of the Foster/Fostex FE103 and similar small drivers. Aside: the 40 year old FE103As have the same basket as the brand new purple 1197s - talk about amortizing your tooling! The alnicos are definitly a step up from the 1197s. They seem most common in Canada (i have had reader reports from Victoria, Vancouver, Edmonton, Totonto and Ottawa, and i have personally found over 20 from here to Nanaimo). Average "Value Village" price is about 10 CAD/pr, add some wood and you can have a stunning pr of speakers for well under $100 CAD. They mate very well with SE pentode amps (haven't had the opportunity to try with SET).

Haven't had a chance yet to hear a real FE103 or 108 or the ACR FE103 for comparison to mu budget drivers, but i any of these makes the heart of a Frugal-phile(tm) approved speaker system.

yeah i lucked out with it .. i cant wait to get it i have dual monitors now and i love it so ill have to continue with dualies again.. you shuold ahem give me a copy of the new jaugar i want to try it..
and i have never had a mac so this will be new to me but i work ok pc's all day and well inside a mac looks all the same.. LOL pc mac same crap just difrent parts..

my friend has dual hdtv displays 23" on his dual 1.2 gig mac

oh i for got to sayhehe i have scsi 18.0 gig cheta hdd hehe YEAH..

ill love this silver new shinning pice in my room..: O )
JasonL said:
my friend has dual hdtv displays 23" on his dual 1.2 gig mac

he must be well off -- that is one seriously expensive computer.

4 computers

i have 4 holding up my coffee table, 3 on my desk, my wife has a cube, the AIO in the lab, a color classic in the sewing room...


(but let's keep the thread on topic -- much as i love talking computers -- dave w moderator hat on)