pics from 2002 Stereophile show

... a.k.a. the Home Entertainment show.

includes notes on the equipment, these will be the basis for my show report for Bound for Sound.

i think you DIYers will find the Blue Circle shoe amps most interesting, they look like they could be a great DIY project. I should be getting a pair for review in the near future.



2002-01-07 6:02 pm
Hiya dorkus,

Thanks for the report. Great pix and I enjoyed reading your impressions of how they sounded. I'll never get to hear most of this stuff, but I enjoy looking at it, if only to get ideas for some of the stuff I want to build (aesthetics).

Your mystery CDP in pic 32 is a Shanling CDT100. Thorsten has one now and has given it a luke warm welcome iirc. It's about $1200 in the US.

I like the look of the Blue Circle electronics in pics 1 and 2. I might even have an outfit to match. :D

Did you get any design info on the Meadowlarks? I'm wondering if they're a Voight pipe. They look very nice.

hi brett,

thanks for your comments, esp. the missing info on the Shanling CDP - good to have the name of that thing now. i personally think the Blue Circle stuff looks really messed up but whatever, it sounded good. :) it will be interesting to try them in my own system.

i don't know anything about the new Meadowlarks at the moment but i emailed the designer Pat McGinty about it, hopefully he will tell me more and maybe even send me a pair for review. ;) i will relay more information on the design when i get it. they certainly sounded fantastic from my limited audition - easily one of the finest speakers i've ever heard under $1500.