Picked up a DATS V3

I picked up this system a couple of days ago and ran a few tests. First, I ran the impedance sweep and TS parameters for my 2x3015 bass guitar cab and found that the measured response matched the model simulated by .950 Winisd. So that was good.

I ran free air and vas tests for one of the two drivers and came up with some pretty pronounced deviation from factory data sheet. (1 and 2)

Although BL is pretty much bang on. But Vas is way higher and Re is a bit higher.

And then ran tests in cab for my 15/6 cab details of which are in my post 15/6 bass cab design. (thumb 3)

I have a couple of questions:

Is it possible for sustained periods of heavy use to impact the FA parameters like this? Or do I have a problem?

In the third thumb, 15.6 DATS, it says the Re is 6.323 ohms. What does this mean?

From this data on the 15.6, what would you say the nominal impedance of this cab is?

Thanks in advance for any/all the help.


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DATS v2 here. Eminence Delta 10A also measures with a much higher VAS, lower FS (57hz rather than 66), slightly higher Qms, but RE is only a fraction higher. Qes is spot on.

This is really good information.

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