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Piccollo Kit $230

Piccollo Kit $230 SOLD!

The Piccolo, by Jeff Bagby. SOLD!

This is for the sale
Tweeters, Drivers, and Crossovers, good condition.

Not the boxes lol...put a lot of time and money into them.

Great sounding kit just moving in a different direction (more expensive drivers). Not much more than an Overnight sensation kit...so hey why not. Very musical speakers with pretty dang good performance at higher volumes.

$230 shipped. SOLD!

2 x1", SB29RDNC, Neo Ring Tweeter
2 x 5.25" SB15NRXC-30 Woofer- Un coated pictured*
2 x fully built crossovers by the guys at meniscus
[image]Piccolo 2|none[/image]


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