Pi filter

try with values of 2mh-15mh. Wire size depends on how much of amps you normally running it. go big amps current capability allows upgrading and safer. For further and more detail on the calculations check the forum. There was a huge section on how to design a pi-filter. Very informative. They provide the calculation on the db reduction that you want to achevied. If you are too lazy to search then just go with a 2mh(one of the pass amp uses this with 10000uf -2mh -10000uf ). For you try 10000uf -2mh-20000uf so that way there would be bigger reservoir in case of change in current. On the current / wire size i not to sure. This pi filter is for A operation or AB?
Hello Eccu,

I´ll also use a pi filter for my crescendo. 15mF-1.8mH-50mF. The choke is 1.4mm and 0,38 Ohm. It will reduce the ripple voltage by quite a lot from 300mV to 15mV at 1A bias. With a big secondary capacitor I don´t think there will be a disadvantage in dynamic situations.
You need 4 chokes for a double mono power supply.

pi filter

Actual power supply pi filter


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