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PHY-HP hi end fullrange drivers


2005-12-27 6:24 pm
I am selling a wonderful PHY-HP drivers kit. These drivers are absolutely stunning. The build quality is the best I have seen yet and the sound they produce is beautiful.

These are not HIFI sounding, but the music flows naturally and without artifacts. My kit consists of a pair of TW-37 super tweeters and a pair of H21LB15 SAG silver voice-coil fullrange alnico drivers.

The retail price for these units is $3350 + shipping, taxes. I am selling them $1850 + shipping. They are in excellent condition. The tweeters are in their original wooden boxes and the 8 inch drivers in cardboard boxes.

I will also, as a bonus, throw in a defective older pair of TW-37 tweeters. These can be rebuilt by Atelier-Audio and used in a Ocellia Twin Signature configuration (read the many rave reviews). Local pick-up can also get a nicely built pair of Rondo-Style (ala Auditorium 23) cabinets as an added bonus.