Phono stage upgrade

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It is the tine to upgrade my phono stage. For the first year of comeback in vinyl I used a heavy modded NAD 1130. For its price ($200) it is superb. Now, I would like to try something else.

My budget is $600 (including the power supply).

My cartridge is an Ortofon Super OM40 (MM).

What is in your opinion the best (used) phonostage under $600 for Moving magnet?

Thank you for your help.
I use an ECP1 from Electrocompaniet but with an MC. New USD999 I think, should get a used one for half that. I feed it from a 40 VA transformer which was a big upgrade from the 10 VA supplied.

Before the ECP1 I used to use a 3 op amp MM design from electronics and wireless world( with a step up tx), passive RIAA, shunt feed back I think.... It was vey good actually. Better then the Super Analogue board in a QED C300 I owned as well as all those NAD PP1s and Projects etc... Also better then std phono inputs on al integrated amps under USD 1000.00 or so I listened to while in the trade except maybe the Audio Analogue Pucini.

If anyone is really interested (there are so many designs here already) I could find the cct and scan it. I even have a pcb foil and one or two spare boards somewhere.
The only JLH phono stage I specifically recall is a single stage wrapped around an opamp. That may have just been something shown is one of his books as an illustration. It's a very common design and I've no idea of the orginator. If this is indeed the phono stage you meant, well, recently a forum mrmber did some work to optimize the values:

You would have a hard time spending anywhere near your stated budget on it unless you gold plated everything or used some kind of incredibly complex power supply.:)
rmihai said:
Thank you both of you. Actually, in the last time I was considering a Linsley Hood phono stage with Andante power supply. Are you familiar with this design? Any pro or cons?

Thank you

I've just swapped a JLH 1540 with my own power supply, for a valve el cheapo design of Kuei. I built them both, although the JLH was built several years ago. IMO the KYW valve stage is simply better in all areas.

If you can build valve gear I would recommend the El Cheapo

As ever, my opinion, YMMV
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