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phono pre amp and an sse.

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Hi all, Iv'e built an (I know I discovered their reputation after) an analogmetric 12ax7 tube phono pre amp,it does work and I'm in pro of determining cart v and input v of pre amp. I also need to determine output v of pre amp. I have connected the 3 units and. Sound is lacking volume and bass.
Suggesting the output v pre and input v Sse don't work together.
My question is .....Is the input v of the sse about 1-2 v?
The Sse works great with my pc, or phone (flac files only) kicks *** really, but I would love to spin vinyl again and have it sound equally as good.
The Cart on the phono player is the at95e with 3.5 mv output.
I will upload schematic for pre when at pc later.
Thanks to all

here is the schematic for pre amp if needed.
Or should I just add a pre amp after the phono stage to. Sent the correct v input for the Sse?


  • 12AX7 Phono Preamp Schematic.pdf
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Hi vinylkid58
I'm wondering if I should add a pre amp after the phono stage. It does not have sufficient gain to drive the Sse. As I have connected it to the Sse along with my turntable, Using a At95e mm cart.(3 units.)
I have added a 10k potentiometer to the phono stage turned up full and have to turn Sse 95% up full to have decent sound level and still lacking full range of sound. Very thin,lacking bass.
I've used my meter to find out level of phono stage ,with the cart input of 3.5mv the phono out put is about .214 acv if done accurately. Volume down power on leads to grn and pos side of rca output.
I'm thinking I need about 1.5- 2v input to drive the sse to its potential. From the phono stage,and I'm not sure I'm getting it.
Thanks to your replies Jeff, the tube I'm using until the new tubes arrive are the Tesla jj 12ax7s or ecc83s
I'm gonna try a gain stage after the phono stage, I've put a lot of work in to the phono stage to throw away. Trying to work with analogmetric to increase gain but so far they are not very responsive.

Thanks again
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.