Phono Cables for Non-Believers

As the title suggests, I am looking for some sort of an off-the-shelf version of RCA to RCA phono cable with ground, 1 meter in length. I like ssabripo's Belkin bulk cable suggestion but I don't want to source all the bulk parts from different vendors.

If a fellow DIYaduio member sells them that would be great. I am using shielded component video cables(2 of the 3( and a DIY ground with 16 gauge speaker wire.)

I just can't believe parts express or mcm doesn't sell decent phono cables and the offerings from the boutique stores are laughable.
And I just don't believe that you need to spend $100 to get a decent phono cable.

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Apologies for the CAPS. I have been checking ebay from time to time but haven't seen anything for RCA to RCA tonearm cables with ground, but plenty of interconnects, speakers cables and power cables.

What is difference between standard line level shielded interconnects and phone RCA phono cables? Or component video cables for that matter? Are the capacitance or resistance different between the two? Or is it just the shielding and ground wire that makes an interconnect suitable for TT use?

I will check out winter's suggestion. Thanks.
Wait, wait... That Belden 89259 is RG-59 cable, which is 75 ohm coax for video, right? But it has a stranded center conductor, which is different than the usual RG-59U cable. Now, this begs a question --

What's to stop someone from taking pre-made RG-59 cables with RCA plugs meant for video, and use them for audio instead? Is there any reason not to do this?

I often see pretty nice looking video cables for cheap. Don't tell me they're just fine as audio interconnects... You could take two of them with yellow colored RCA plugs, and just use a black Sharpie to identify your left channel. Or use red to ID your right channel. Whatever.

And what about all those coaxial digital cables with RCA plugs? What's so different about those? Could they be used for analog audio?

Is there a technical issue with this?


2011-08-15 10:54 pm
What's to stop someone from taking pre-made RG-59 cables with RCA plugs meant for video, and use them for audio instead?

Nothing. Some people do and like the results. I have some Belkin and QED video cables here I use for audio sometimes. They're quite bright sounding but they certainly work.

You can just make up your own cables. Buy some Van Damme and Neutrik plugs off eBay and nail them together. Sounds fine. Why pay someone else to do exactly the same thing? ;0)