Phoenix Gold, worth considering???

They make good amps and acessories but I have never heard (or heard much about) their speakers. I would assume they are not bad judging by the experiences I had with their amps, so go for it if the specs look good.

Sometimes a company makes good amps and heads but crappy speakers (like Sony) so this assumption is not always be the case. Pioneer makes good heads but amps and speakers suck. Just a couple examples...
Pioneer is a major manufacturer of OEM speakers, so that's probably what they sell =). Sony, I'm not sure about.. they definately make their own car speakers, and the quality is rather low in my opinion. I once bought three Sony Explode 12's and they actually "exploded" :eek: all at once as soon as I hooked them up to a decent amplifier. Trying to replace them was a huge pain in the butt since they were busy replacing every sub they ever manufactured =).. it took months and many phone calls. I ended up selling them (after they were replaced of course), and buying three twelve inch JL dub. 6's. They have worked flawlessly for about a year now with an incredible amount of power.

Check out JL subs, if they fit your spec requirements. The W6 line is probably the best sounding and most reliable sub I have ever heard (or had!). They all work equally well in just about any type of enclosure, and coming from a company that until a year ago only produced speakers for the longest time, they have a nice reputation.

They now make really nice amps to go with their speakers =). The build quality on them is better than anything else I've seen so far.


Javaman said:
Thanks Randy

Don't huge conglomerates like Pioneer and Sony just sell OEM speakers? Because judging by thier web site it looks as if Phoenix makes the drivers along with the electronics. I would guess this is a positive sign.

'Heads'? I take it your not a sailor!