Phoenix gold SA 3.0x bypassing xover?

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I´ve got three of these, two later model white ones and a early purple one.
Since I´ll be doing all the processing/crossover from my hu I need to bypass the 12dB high/lowpass filter in these. They also have different cutoff: 30-600 on the first and 15-300hz on the white. Reason I want to bypass is to maintain correct phase from the speakers.

Anyone familiar with these and could show me where to place jumpers and cut the circuit traces?

Here´s a pic on the phoenixphorum:
There is a jumper denoted in my documents W101 and W201 if this jumper is connected it will bypass the crossover section effectively jumpering the signal from the input RCAs before compensation to the input of the gain circuitry at switch 101 which is your high pass low pass switch in front of the gain control stage.
Or you can hard wire the pin of left RCA to R101 on the side that is connected to the crossover switch. And your right RCA pin jumps to R201 again connected to the switch side of that resistor. This mimics the jumpers denoted on my information W101 and W201...hope this helps some...

You can also lift the end of the resistors connected to the switch listed above if you want the crossover completely out of circuit
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Thank you.
I´ve looked for the jumper points and I think I´ve located them(a schematic would be nice to have).
Wireing the input rca´s to the switch side of the two resistors, do I still have gain control and the signal goes into circuit after switch(so it is non functional)?

Dual side ciruits are not my strong side :scratch2:
The info I posted changes your 3.0X to a regular 3.0 electrically. You can use the jumper points I mentioned OR do the hard wire I described, both work exactly the same electronically speaking. You only need to do one or the other, not both.

Yes the mod will still leave your gain control intact and fully functional. The only difference between the 3.0X and 3.0 is the addition of the crossover circuitry up front of the amp. The bypass your asking about only removes the crossover out of circuit by bypassing it. The rest stays fully functional and intact like PG intended for it to be....The info I gave should be correct, as it came from PG directly.

Having the schematic is always nice, but if you follow what I said exactly you should be just fine. PG never really openly shared any of their schematics. I was lucky to have had very good relations with them over the years since 1991. Plus I was one of the founding seven members < the Illuminati >of the Phoenix and a moderator over there for several years in the beginning, although I don't visit or post there any longer. I was surprised no one helped you over there, so I posted what I could.:eek:
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.