phillips subwoofer > speaker wire > digital sub


2007-12-16 3:52 am
phillips subwoofer > speaker wire > digital sub


ive got a set of phillips speakers from a home theatre in a box set, and a new panasonic digital 7.1 amp that im trying to use with these speakers.
im trying to set u a normal 5.1 setup and ive got the 5 speakers working just fine, but the digital amp has a mono rca in for the subwoofer. the subwoofer that came with this set has speaker wire coming out of it, so i bought some solderless rca plugs to try and hook it up, but i can't for the life of me figure it out.

im a newb and any help would be greatly appreciated!

You might check your users manual, but I know some 6.1 and 7.1 receivers can be set to use their rear channel amps as sub amps. If not, make sure you read up on the Dual Amp feature those Panasonics have. Might not make much difference with the speaks you have right now, but once you decide to DIY yourself some real speaks for your main channels, you'll like it.