Philips DVD 963 on the fritz

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Maybe some help here?

My philips just quit from one minute to the next. Sure enough - past warranty.
Send in to local shop - returned with answer parts n/a
So - questioned what parts were damaged, but they could not tell me that, only the number of the location on the board.
One IC in position 147130
one FET in position 7125

does anybody have a darwing for the pc boards and could tell me the numbers for the parts? Or - maybe even a replacement.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

these parts are located at the switching power supply board:
fet STP3NC60FP (the main switching transistor)
IC TY72011P2 (the regulator)

OK there are no parts available in detail but the hole PSU should be available...


I will post the schematic later, have no scanner today...
Hi Netlist - what's the price?

BTW - I wonder if in the process of repair it would not be a bad idea to put this whole ps unit outside the dvd and just run a supply cable to the philips. Any idea?

Just found a source for the IC - in ireland. Keep on googling, maybe I can come up with a source for the fet too.
The only problem - may be those too are not the only problem - that' why the idea of a complete replacement might not be bad - for a reasonable price:D
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As for the mods, I don't know.
Renew the whole PSU? Hmm…maybe, there's a good chance Philips is aware of the problem and did some improvements on the new supply, if you can buy it.
I'll mail you the price of both parts, could be tomorrow. :)

Hi from kraut to kraut:D

i guess the best "tweak" for this player is to use a regular analog style power supply. This can be of course located in a separate "box". This is a usual way all these high end pre-amp stuff is working...

I will post a schematic of the power supply tomorrow, because the *.pdf i have is protected and i am not able to cut the necessary part outside the hole file... but there are +/- 12 V dc, 3,3 V dc, 5 V dc, and some standby voltage of 12V also. I guess not a big deal to build a separate power supply with a nice toroid and some nice low drop regulators etc. or maybe some zener stuff...

But anyway the switching power supply works well, you can check all the tweaks what the other guys here at "digital" have done. Some caps here, some caps there or in other words some blackgates here some money there...i have changed some caps also, but i am 45 years old and i have 45 yeas old ears... my threshold amps are 25 and my IMF speakers are 20 years, i dont care...

@mvollb (from kraut to kraut) - I guess my strategy will be twofold - get the philips up and running again with the repaired old ps, and start building a new exterior one after that using toroid as you suggested. That was my aim at one point in the future, but sometimes things get pushed ahead.
And I rather start building a new supply from scratch - provided I get the schematics - than just tweaking.

I appreciate both of your guy's help very much, and it shows how almost indispensible those forums are for the hobbyist.
Thanks again, Peter
Hi all.
A friend here in Australia had lightning take out his Philips DVD733. Didn't even blow the fuse!
Philips want $90Aud for new PS

He opened up player and found the 1ohm resistor , 3123, was shot. Replaced that but still nogo.
The 2u2 inductor, 5130, appeared open so that was replaced with one from local shot.
Powered up again and the 7130 IC smoked.

Having some trouble getting it replaced.
Anyone offer help in getting parts ?
Probably the IC, Transistor, 2u2 inductor and 1ohm R.

Also, what are the lines above and below the 1ohm resistor in the cct diagram ?

Thanks for any assistance.
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