Philips CD950 display replacement


My Philips CD950 display shows signs of dimming, especially when compared with other Philips components. I believe it's a VFD.
I know there are a couple of methods to increase the lightness, but I'm interested is it the same display as in other Philips CD players such as CD910, CD920, CD930 and CD940. Some of those models are really cheap, so maybe it's easier to replace the display than repairing it.
Is it a practical idea and can it be done?
Thanks a lot Corben, I will certainly try to replace the caps.
Just an information for everyone else, I've managed to find out Philips CD930 and it seems that both this one and CD950 shares the same display. So, swapping the displays is not a bad idea if you find this unit for a reasonable ammount of money. Also, CD930 have wonderful CDM9 mechanism and TDA1547 DAC.