Philips CD880 dead


2007-06-07 12:20 pm
Would someone here either have a shop manual or a complete set of schematic drawings in order to attempt repairing my CD880?
Also, would someone be good enough to "walk me through" the proper troubleshooting sequence for this unit?
It seems to be completely dead. A push of the on/off switch does nothing. The power cord, fuse and switch are ok.
When I first bought the unit about 8 months ago it seemed to work and sound just fine, although the first few attempts in opening the cd drawer, it would immediately close, then about after 2 months of use, it would skip once in a while, then it started to produce the odd "click" sound while playing. The more I used it, the better it got until one day that it just didn't turn on.
I have no knowledge of the circuitry in this unit and have limited technical skîls,
any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
Try hifiengine for the manual. Free to register.

Totally dead... check the basics such as internal mains fuse on the transformer primary (I'm assuming its a standard linear PSU) and check the primary winding of the transformer for continuity. Failure of an embedded thermal fuse could be a possibility if it uses one. Unfortunately that normally means a new transformer.
IME, the usual reason for a CD880 to go dead like that is bad Matsushita(panasonic) electrolytic caps on the system control & main boards. Being a very worthy player, I would urge you to go through and simply replace every electrolytic cap that's not already a Nichicon with Nichicon. Easier than tracking down each bad Mats. or Philips lytic cap that's bad, esp. since neither brand usually shows any sign of stress until you remove it and find a crust of leakage around the leads coming out the bottom.
In every case, doing this & resoldering regulators & any other suspect connections, brought the CD880 back to life, in my experience.