Philips cd751 (TDA1549T)


2010-08-28 9:27 am
Recently I aquired a low-cost Philips CD 751 player. I paid around 20 Euros including shipping :)

Unfortunately, the lens is to replace (cdm 12.1). I listened and I must say that I was surprised.
It is a statement of philips cd player DAC with 1549T (quite rare and installed as a player: GRUNDIG CD 23 Marantz CD-48, Marantz cd5000)

Inside there is plenty of space, all capacitors are marked ELNA.

There are a lot of information about this drive except on the pages of lampizator .... I'm thinking to replace JRC opamp with OPA2604 ... :)

Here are some pictures: cd751/DSC01480.JPG cd751/DSC01471.JPG cd751/DSC01473.JPG cd751/DSC01475.JPG
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