Philips CD304 won't read discs

I've bought a faulty Philips cd304 to try to repair, but no luck so far.
The player starts up but won't read discs. Usually, the laser swing arm moves to the innermost position, tries to focus, the laser emits light, but the turntable motor doesn't move.
Sometimes when I turn it up the display just lights up all the lights and sometimes the swingarm moves to the out position and the motor spins, without any disc.
I've soldered the wire through all griplets, changed all the 33mF electrolytics on laser board and servo board, cleaned and lubed spindle and swingarm bearings, checked all the voltages from the power supply, tried adjusting the turntable height, the usual stuff I've found information about, still nothing.
I'm not sure what to do next, I didn't touch the power supply board because the voltages were ok, but maybe I should replace all the caps there?
Anyway, I'm new at repairing cd players and trying to learn, any suggestion on what to look for next would be greatly appreciated.
Regarding the spindle motor, replace the 56nF in the feedback loop with 100nF. Pretty sure this isn't the only problem here but it shoud at least help you further down the road.

Replace that 68u cap in the display assembly as well:

Check the HF cable from the CD board to the Decoder board (2 ping shielded cable).
Have you checked the solid aluminium electrolytics to not touch the ground plane?

Do you know nanocamps great homepage? use google translate...
The service manual I've got (in german) looks different:

Are those 33nF here (2216,2218)?
I've cleaned all the cable connections, I will check the HF cable again.
Yes, I've soldered those caps 1 mm higher, though I wonder if I might have damaged them with heat, it took some wrestle to get them up.
Yes, I've studied that site.
Some of my other concerns might be the angle of the radial motor, since it seems like someone has been messsing with those two screws. And power supply caps, people usually replace them first?
Ok, there's a written note that says 'motor not starting fit 100nf across pins 1+2 and 6+7 on ic 6081', as weissi said. Would wima mkt 100nf/63v work here?
should I remove the original smd ones?
@huggygood beautiful.
@androa76 the lighting's not great here, but here you go, as I said, I replaced all 33uF on laser and servo board with panasonic fc, and also one 47uF on servo board with big rubicon 200v, as I had that.



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