philips cd104-problem

hello ,
my philips cd104 have problem,I tweak it ,replace caps in power supply and analog and digital board, reaplace opamps.sound is very good,but its a problem ,when I switch on , display dont work,or light "0000000",it have light "--",when I push the button "stop" player go in normal condition and work good.I think it havent "reset".where I can to find problem.thank you.


2005-03-10 11:57 pm
kaulagalvis said:
hello,I replace all caps in power suply,and all in digital /analog board,to tda 1540 black gate std,in output black gate power s nippon chemi con more capacity.op ampsd lm4562,sound is very like but little problem:D problem is always:D :D :D

I would start by replacing the original caps in the power supply.
( the ones after the regulators)

Bigger is not always better.

Also, you MUST do the griplets mod !!!!!!!

This thread may be of help :-