philips CD100

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I have a philips cd 100. I absolutely adore that machine, and I want it to be my cd player.

I went to a guy's house, tried it out, worked fine, gave him the cash, took it home. Played nicely for 5 minutes, then the sound started cracking up, the right channel first. Another five minutes and come silence. It tracks just fine. The only problem is the missing sound. While dying, it did sound like an analog problem to my analog-biased ears, but really I don't have a clue. I've been told such diversities as the laser, the output stage, the converters, etc. Explanations pretty much all over the place. Any professional I ever spoke to went: "bag it. Buy new". Not getting the point.


I would greatly appreciate any pointer to the nature of this problem. (Or better still, name of someone not too far from Oslo who could fix it. I'm useless with digital, but willing to give it a try if someone can tell me what/how/sourcing of parts/etc.)

Espen, Norway
The laser is probably okay if the player tracks the disk. Check the power supplies, regulators, zener diodes. Look for the signs of overheating. Buy a can of freeze spray and see which components are drifting. If the sound is SLOWLY fading-out, the cold solder joint is probably not the cause of the problem...

Get the circuit diagram and start tracing the problem from the analog RCA's end - until you get the sound. Again, check the power supply rails first.

If the problem is in digital section, you'll need solid understanding of what to look for at various chip pins.

I like a challenging repair every now and then…

First thing I'd try is re-soldering the pins which join the top and bottom sides of the printed circuit boards. These are notorious for going dry in the CD100 and can cause a whole load of symptoms. Juding by your symptom I'd try the D/A board first.

I have had similar problems with two previous players which were both fixed after re-soldering. Worth a try!
Hi Epsen,
nice machines those early 14 bitser:D

If both chanels are out I would look at the mute circuit, there is a capacitor there for the time component, and if it goes bad the relays don't work.

Also the power supply(s) is always suspect.

Try a whole sale replacement of electro caps, mostly the 22 and 33uf that are everywhere. This is always a recommended first step.

good luck


There are lots of previous posts on CDM0 and CDM1 to search through
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.