Philips CD-209: Info available?

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Here is a picture, but I did not open it up to now.



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Just as I thought, I have one of these too :D

Think its in the loft, comes with a great story ...

I got it on ebay from south wales (500 miles away but was visiting the area the following weekend). I got there to collect it and it had been the guys father in laws, part of a collection he had as he was into 'hifi'. Quite a nice feeling beeing able to say its going to a good home. Anyway he was really pleased and said " I have another philips its broke and was going to the skip - but seen as you are into this stuff maybe you can take it and fix it ?"

"yes sure I can at least try"

he then left the room and brought me a nice shiny CD100 with all the manuals :eek: And let me have it - for nothing at all.


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Nice players you have there

Indeed, but I would prefer the white one :bawling:

Not sure I would have the bottle to modify such classic gear!

I agree 100%.

As radio collector/restaurator, I know, how it looks, when some people tweaked radios in the 60ies and 70ies.

As example, look at this eggshelf at this Paillard Mod 431.

And the worst thing: this is a radio from my father and it was MYSELF, as young boy, glueing the shelf on the speaker, to improve high frequency reproduction :bawling: :bawling: :bawling:

But: I dont remove it, as it is part of the history of this radio, now.

Regarding the CD207, I think I will carefully replace the old electrolytic caps by new ones, to avoid some damages.

And maybe, some small and reversible modifications.


More info (in German language) about the Paillard Mod. 431 here


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From a search on google 1542 looks like a filter - though I can only guess why they used it, surely cant be cheaper than a couple cheap opamps and resistors. Haven't seen the datasheet so perhaps its quite good performance wise for simple implementation, I doubt they were worrying about sound quality with this CD though !:whazzat:
I laughed at the PROMINATE LCD - Liquid Crystal Display graphics to the right of the display.

I thought LCD was old hat by the time the first CD players came out; I was surprised to see it was still something manufacturers thought was cool enough to badge.

Remember when radios were marker with super-het and such? I still think I see radios marked with PLL which has been standard tech in radios for a long time.
Hi Ash,

I have one of those CD200, and I like it a lot.

There is also a Loewe9000 on ebay, which is a CD202 in disguise, and the same as the '200, but with a time display.

I recently put mine against a Musical Fidelity A3/24, and I and the A3's owner could not tell the dif.:eek:

Have fun If you can find one.


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