Philips CD 160 mods?


2007-06-21 11:03 am
My dad was about to throw his old CD160 out when I said 'I'll have that thankyou' :)

I've just spent an hour replacing the rectifier diodes with MBR1100 Schottky diodes, removed the opamps, replaced them with sockets and plugged some LM4562 opamps in. It sounds rather good. I fed the analogue and digital outs into my MF KW250S and toggled between them. OK, its not as good as the KW's DAC stage but it didn't disgrace itself.

I'm sure there is a lot more that could be done, but that will do for now.


2005-03-10 11:57 pm
Marantz also did a version

The Marantz SE version replaced most of the caps with Elna Cerafine.

Mods as suggested above are good.
Replacing the sm caps round the DAC with 'real' ones would improve.

It's a standard TDA1541 DAC stage so almost any mod for that would work ( many have been listed - search )

Replace the muting transistors with minature relays.

Add extra regulators

Damp the chassis

etc etc etc