Philips AD1050/M7

Hi all!

Plenty info on the popular 9710/M8 available, but not much for this 10 inch cousin the Philips AD1050/M7 which I just picked up a pair of.

I am tempted give open baffles a go and have also read of a build someone did with a distributed port design by Briggs.

Hoping that someone here has had experience with these particular drivers or can suggest an enclosure that would work well for these.

Did find some measurements online also below which I think were made by member DrBoar from Sweden...

20160211_113042 by Bregtje Cals, on Flickr

20160211_113108 by Bregtje Cals, on Flickr

Philips 1050M7 by Bregtje Cals, on Flickr
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Thanks gents!

Good to know that the AD4000M is basically the same driver.. at least there are others experiences here with this driver that I can read about. The 1050/M7 seems like a rarity.

I have been reading further but still find the options overwhelming:

Large sealed enclosure
Interpolating between the Philips Monitor 8 and Monitor 12 to come up with a BR Monitor 10
Open baffle

I am hoping that I can get away with a fairly simple build that can show off what these drivers are capable of. I also prefer a small footprint, space is at a premium here!

Amp will be EL84 push pull which should work nicely.