Philips 304 mods. Tda1540 to Tda 1541 and DEM RECLOCKING

Hello to everyone.

I want to update my Philips 304 with a pair of TDA 1541.

I already found some threads here..but i could not find the aswer to all my i hope that someone will help me.

After switching the TDA1541 in simultaneous better to think about a reclock..? Or to use the diagram here enclosed?

I would like to use also the DEM reclock circuit proposed by it possible to use it with the TDA 1541 in Simultaneous mode..? If yes ...How?

THanks again.



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I was who made the hand sketch on the left. In simultaneous mode it is important to reclock the LE (Latch Enable) signal, since it controls the conversion. The CLCF- is a pulse train, it can not be used for DEM. You can combine the I2S attenuator (it should work also for simultaneous signals) with my circuit. As for the DEM, I have no experience, but I think it is better to keep it below 1 MHz. Try a /4 or /8 divider from the master clock - or ask _ecdesigns_, he knows the TDA1541A in and out.