Phaseca--My new diy pre amp

Phaseca--4 PCB


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Complete a power supply board, in fact, is one hour should be completed.Best of U1 & U2 plus an IC socket, can be conversion IC. Power of up to 2A is no problem. Addition Q8 & Q10 can change transistor, if you want more A, can be put on a 2SA1943/2SC5200 of, but at the same time increase the transformer VA.


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The picture is petty small, there.

Also, it appears to have virtually the same amplification section rubber-stamped across the design. Also, it appears that the single input becomes a pair of outputs ... which from looking at the design (at low resolution) also appears to NOT be symmetric in phase, so... what's the main point ... to have TWO independent outputs?

I apologize if Mr. James Pang is a wickedly cool friend or something. But boy... this just seems to be obtuse (over-engineered) in using way more parts than necessary. FOR a preamplifier!!!


{edit} PS: was there any statement of theory as to why this particular kit was to have solved all the world's problems and made the heavens sing the praises of the analog phonograph needle? I recommend three things: [1] please get a larger picture posted of the schematic. [2] If there are supporting "theory" (or "design goals") docs, please post. And #3 ... are you having fun? ... because that - in audio DIY - is almost 75% of "the point".

PS: is there a special case for the thing?

Thanks... GoatGuy
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