Phase Linear 10" drivers

Phase Linear 10" drivers


This is my first post. :)

I live in Finland and my english isn´t very good.

But I´ll try. :D

I have two Phase Linear Heavy Cast (4 ohms) subwoofer drivers; 10", 300w, 94 db, xmax +- 3mm.

Those drivers are designed for Free Air use in car.

Is there any use for those drivers at home?
And what is right enclosure for Free Air subs?

Thank you

Those Phase Linears are junk... please mail them to me for proper disposal. You can even mail them to my friend that is from Finland. :D

Actually, I've never thought about using free air subs intended for the car in the home... Actually, I don't know that much about free air subs in general. If a certain free air sub sounds good in the car and goes fairly deep, will it lack bottom end in the larger space of the home? Or does the free air design negate this entirely?