Phase issue ... advice please

I had to run a gig last night for friend ...i had to set up and run a PA system for a croud of about 1.000 pax with equipemnt i never runed before .

it was 4 2way speakers as satelites 800W each 2x15"+2" driver and 2 subwoofers qube /rencus heinz 2x18"each

since all speakers was 4ohm i had to run them with 3 amps that will be electrovoice 1800 that will be 600W per chanel at 4ohms

there was a very simple 2 way xover that had very minimal controls and the lowes that could cut was 90HZ ....i thought that this was not enough and proper should be arround 60 but still was ok

after i set up i undestood that was NOT bass enough i thought that was a phase issue and looked for a phase switch or trim on the xover ...Please nottice that this was a very simple set up that means that the sub was laying on the floor horizontaly and on athe top of it inline there was the two satelites

since there was no phase switch on the xover i had no other solution than to reverse the polarity on the plug of the sub woofer and things got by far better

later on i checked and founf out that the satelites where conected from the xover with balanced cables while the sub woofers where conected with unbalanced ...

could it be that the unbalanced conection created the phase issues ? or it was just a thing between the satelite and the subwoofers ??? satelites where unknown maufacturer .... .... soundking i think

kind regards sakis