Phase Cancellation Issues with Din Pocket Tweeters?

I'm making progress on my car audio overhaul, however I've run into a possible issue. I would like to add a couple tweeters to the front of my car since my full-range woofers are door mounted and high frequencies have trouble reaching me.

Bose originally built a din pocket center speaker for the 1990 model of my car (a Nissan 300zx) to assist with high presence. Mine is a 1993 however so I never had the Bose center console unit. I do however have an extra din pocket and 4 tweeters with brackets that would allow me to mount them in my center pocket.

Would it be feasible to put 2 tweeters in the front pocket, with one facing towards the driver and the other facing towards the passenger? I know how to secure them and would integrate them with the door woofers through a balanced 2x4 minidsp. I'm mainly just concerned about phase cancellation considering that both tweeters will be within 5 inches of each other. They will be playing different audio channels though.

Another option is to place the tweeters in my door air vents (which aim towards each person's face). The problem is that the vents would need to be open and I don't always enjoy air blowing in my face.

Thanks for the help!

Perry Babin

Paid Member
2003-11-20 11:01 am
Cancellation at high frequencies can change by moving your head or the speaker a very small distance. If you played a sine wave at 8kHz and had two tweeters reproducing the sine wave, you would hear the level of the signal go up and down as you moved or turned your head. For pure sound quality, it's generally best to have the signal coming from only one tweeter for each channel.

If you have to use multiple tweeters, you'll have to experiment to see if the positioning of the tweeters causes any problems. For most people, having sufficient high frequency output is more important than minor phase problems.