PGA2311 produces clicking sounds

I have used the PGA2310 and it have the same situation.
if I use it as amplifier, it is starting to clicking.

I founded out, that it is better to use the chip only as an attenuator.
At least in my situation, where I have buffer before and after the chip, the clicking start as soon as the chip start's to amplifying the signal.


2003-12-07 11:57 am
I have checked quickly the specs on PGA2311. It appears that for noiseless operation, the serial control signals timing is important. There's an option to disable the influence of zero crossing to noiseless operation - try this. There's a lot of info - page 10: Zero crossing detection...

If something works okay in one mode (attenuate), and makes clicking noises when software - switched to the other mode, I would look at the serial control port signals and timing.

Try also removing the input signals while in gain mode and see if the clicking is still there...

Good luck,
michielbeijer said:
I'm building a preamp with a PGA2311 (The Audio Link from Elektor) and it works fine when I use it as an attenuator. When I however use it to amplify the signal, it produces a clicking sound (about 2-4 clicks per second I guess). The clicking starts immediately when the volume jumps from 0 to +0.5dB. Anyone else experienced this problem?


Hi Michiel,

Just for clarification: does the clicking only occur when you change the settings, but no longer if you leave it after changing the setting? But if it continues to click even if you do not change the setting, try to remove the digital connections and see if it stops.

Jan Didden