PGA2310 Question

Hi Simon.

If you use the SDO pin to connect to the following PGA's SDI then you can tie /CS together. You data is then send like a seriel code with the last PGA in the chain FIRST. Do you follow?
You will then load all the PGA at one time. When you pull the /CS high after the datatransfer.

How is your projects going?

PGA2310 question

What i hoped for is that i still could daisy chain them SDO->SDI and only use the /CS to enable the device if i wished to address them seperatly.

OTOH, this way it is easier. In case of 3 devices in chain you have to send 16 x 3 bits in one go or 16 x 1 bits if you do not chain them, i prefer the last.

The projects are progressing slowly.
I am in the process of making PCB's and in the mean time working on an etch tank.
I bought several membrame pumps which i have to modify.
They contain metal parts which i am replacing by plastic ones, cause i wish to pump the etch fluid.


Hi Simon... Sorry for the delay...

if you wan't to do it this way then..

The PGA data is 16 bit long. If you daisychain them then you have to add 16 more clocks to reach the second before you raise /CS on the second PGA or 32 clocks to reach the third before you raise /CS on the third.

If you use only one /CS then you have to :

1. lower /CS
2. send the data for all three at one time
3. raise /CS

Then you end up using only 3 pins ... SDI,SCLK and /CS. You only have to write straight foreward code. Maybe use a SPI device if you have this on your micro.

If you don't want to do it this way you will end up with : SDI,SCLK and 3 x /CS (PGA1,PGA2,PGA3).

I hope it helps a bit. Maybe i am far off the track??

You are not far off, this exactly what i needed.

I was afraid that the PGA2310 was not transparent when passing the data from SDI to SDO and not enabling that device.

I do not have a SPI interface, but i already made emulation 2C code and that works fine.
The only thing that keeps me considering is the fact that i have to shift out 32 bit. that means in my case a, i use a PIC16F84/628, that i need 6 variables !

How is your video / x-fer project ?