PGA2310 Atmega16 + Bascom


I'm working on Bascom code to control a PGA2310,
via an Atmega16, however my code cannot get it to work!
According to TI, I have to clock data at the rising edge of SCLK.
How do I implement this in Bascom? Does anyone have
a piece of code to show me how this works? Here's mine:

Totalvol = &H1111
Output_pga_cs = 0
Waitms 10
Output_pga_sclk = High
Shiftout Output_pga_sdi , Output_pga_sclk , Totalvol , 0 , Null , 1000
Waitms 10
Output_pga_cs = 1

This was taken from a previous post. The aliases correspond
to outputs (PortA). HIGH and LOW are constants (1=HIGH)

PortA.0 = CS
PortA.1 = MUTE
PortA.2 = ZCEN
PortA.3 = SDI
PortA.4 = SCLK

The analog side was set up properly, however the scope
shows no reaction when I feed data into the PGA2310.

A simple 2-3 line code example would probably help me a lot.
Thank you guys!