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Here i will cry for all my help, so i wont need to open a new thread.
All my questions will be posted here,mostly elecronics but you may also see something else from time to time!
So pile on!Also ask your own queastions here so me and the others can answer them!
I had a post like this before but it lost popularity since it wasnt properly named so here i go again,and as i said i wont open any other threads appart from this one
Go to the latest pages to see my latest problems and answers
ok .... TDA2003s were budget and low cost ... i build it before already ... but power were just too low and it was replaced by the 4channel LM1875 as i shown ... Other options were TDA2005H and also TDA2009A which also i build before and sounds great ...
I have a 2003 kit and it sounds awesome but 1 out of 2 just outputs a very faint quiet and distorted sound and i dont know why ,
Fixing an amp that integrates 2x tda2030 and one lm1875t,i was a no brainer that its problem was caused by a bad contact,but its been like that for years only using one channel,its time t fix it,and remove the high pass filters from the sattelites and remove the 4x 1 ohm resistors beetwen the sattelites and the amps output.
Any other tweaks you recommend,im very happy to fix this


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do you take advice ??? I f you do here is one ...

Trust me on this if you cannot understand why the TDA thing had a lot of distortion , if you listen to people that suggest TDA circuits for power over 500W then your available option is like that :

1) The chances that you successfully built an Apex 500 are very very very very very very very very very very LOW !
2) The chances that you successfully built an Apex 500 with a smps power supply are very very very very very very very very very very LOW ! and more
3) expect the popularity of your thread to go even worst than the previous ...
save your pocket money and buy some chocolate you will like.
DIY audio is too expensive the way you go about it.
Bought audio i too expensive my finished tda2003 amp costed me 1 $ while comercial equvalent are 50 - 100,so you were wrong this time,my other amps didnt work because bad contacts,and bad chips,this one worked
I understand electronics much better than you think i do,things go wrong because i mess up the design:(
AFetr more measurements i found out that the filter caps might be broken,could voltage with a lot of ripple cause the chips to pull in more power than usual,i cant say that they get warm,they are stone cold after 10 secs without heatsink,but a buzz that sounds like the filter caps are bad.Is it ok to run this amp with 1000uf filter caps,since the originals were 4700 and i cant find caps that big at such a high voltage [35v]
The test lamp lights up at max power it being a 20wat bulb.
As im writing this i realized maibe because the lamp not giving enough power maybe it just shuts of when it tries t start,this behavoir i aleardy seen in my other amp,cn be avoided by quikly turning it of and on.
Also my soldering iron broke,i will have to wait a couple of months until i get a new one so see you then if any soldering is needed
I think its the trafo ,or bridge or caps,the lm1875t did the same thing and just as this one did it on only one channel,but i threw away those expensive chips for no reason,but as i said my soldering iron broke so i wil wait a couple of months if soldering is needed,if the trafo is dead,then all the project is thrased,since trafos are expensive and since i aleardy had one i wanted to build the amp,if its broken then iwill throw it away and wind my own,
it ******* poped the chip.i swear im never building a chip amp again such a piece of **** **** it all,im never building an amp ever again such a piece of ****,it burned the transformer and **** gooes all my money to waste. 100 ******* bucks went into the drain because of some shitty idea to use chips
I will never recommend a begginer chip amps
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