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Pete Millett Engineers Amp-For Sale

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I have a Pete Millett Engineers amp for sale.

Toroidal transformers designed by Meeno Van der Veen.

Power transformer: 2x115V 320VA
Secondaries: 2x400V .35A, 60V .05A, 6.3 5A

Output transformers: VDV-4040-PPE 100W 2K ohm
Secondaries: 0/4/8 ohm

Here is a link to the output transformer https://www.mennovanderveen.nl/cms/...0-PPE/2018-10-26_VDV-20100-PPE_data-sheet.pdf

I have a volume control on the input and I don’t get a lot of volume. I have read about this from other builders. I mean it's as loud as I would listen but not as loud as I would expect. I would get more volume with feedback disconnected but I have long ago moved on to other projects and it just sits on a shelf. Time for it to move along.

Bias is set, drivers balanced and the amp is stable.

I have 5 extra 6HJ5 tubes and 1 extra 6GU5 I will include.

There is no bottom cover, so maybe not good for someone with curious little fingers around.

$285 plus shipping


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Ok, I disconnected the negative feedback and that made big difference in the volume. I am no longer able to turn the volume up full and it sounds very good with no feedback. I recall Tubelab saying he liked it with no feedback but that some speaker may need it.

Anyway it is still for sale @ $285.00 plus shipping.

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.