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I thought it might be fun to share what people get annoyed by on the forum. I mean this in a humorous way, not a b**** session. My top 2:

1) Describing speaker projects as "sounds better than speakers costing $XXXX". Seems to correlate well with designs having unaddressed design flaws. :)

2) Putting "gurus only" or "experts only" etc. in the post title. Maybe we should be required to embed miniature resumes in our signatures? :)
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I like thread titles accurately explaining what the subject is about.
Although I have great respect for newbies I don't like "Help a newbie" as a title. Titles like "AVR for 2P1 in GSU mode?" are mostly way above my head. But that's only me.

/Hugo :)
leadbelly said:
1) Describing speaker projects as "sounds better than speakers costing $XXXX".

I think that's human nature and a bit of the 'Proud father" syndrome. Not a bad thing in the DIY world. But I'm with you, I wish they would just say they are very happy with their achievements.

Putting "gurus only" or "experts only" etc. in the post title. [/B]

Well it sure saves me from having to read it. ;)

"I want to build the best ......... ever"
several posts later:
"I can afford to spend $100"

Hey, at 14 I think I might have something similar on my agenda.

My biggest one is when a newb comes on and says they want to do something minor and the next thing you know, the gurus are changing the whole project right in front of them. I believe that can be a little discouraging. I've seen threads started and never returned to by the starter for that reason.

The other thing I hate is thread jacking...

Oh wait a minute, I do that sometimes.

Never mind. Cancel that last one.

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People who mention using a speaker response program, (and who therefore must understand the importance of Thiele-Small parameters), who ask advice about the enclosure without listing the Thiele-Small parameters of the driver in their opening post.

People who do not know what Thiele-Small parameters are or their importance I don't mind looking the numbers up for. People who do know about the Thiele-Small parameters should list them in the post if they are asking advice.
I enjoy the intellectual drag racing... where knowledge seems to be a competition.

Working in IT (as a non-IT person) I enjoy IT managers trying to impress and outdo each other (and surrounding audience) with their lans and router configurations and cisco knowledge and MCSE and code etc etc...

Seems a bit of that goes on here....and I must be weird because I gain amusement from it especially when it becomes personal....

But hey the stuff that happens here is nuthin' compared to what happens at that Audio Asylum place.

I love this place...... :)
I wish it was required that people listed what country they lived in and it might even be nice to list where in that country they lived. I am not talking about an actual address but perhaps like in my case I am in Tyrone Ga. Take this example. Today someone was hunting one cheap 8" driver with a high Qts and fairly efficient I may have just what he needs and wouldn't mind selling it for the $7 I have in it if he could pick it up. But deal with packing it and taking it to the post office well if it's not a $ 50 deal I don't want to be bothered.
I shouldn't complain because I was a noob at one time but, the ones who pretty much drop some driver names and then expect someone to design the entire cabinet so they don't have to understand anything... Kinda gets to me...That and the "how much is this worth" Fishers.
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I feel old too thrift. I mean WTF are they thinking? No consideration for the older people. FWIW, I don't like when they use acronyms. IIRC we used write things out or we had to stay after school. Remember that? lol. One I'll have you over for a BBQ and we can discuss this further. TBH I could use a drink and a laugh, you know, the kind that make you ROFLMAO?
Anyway I should go, I have to pick up SWMBO from the train. If I'm late she gives me the BIH look so I should get going. Nice chatting and hope to CUL8R.


This was meant strictly for fun as I am out to lunch with this stuff but here link that can be a big help. It's a webopedia. Enjoy

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