perry babin is the king

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dont get me wrong im not sucking n*ts cause he is helping me with an amp, but seriously how many people has he helped on here and no tellin where else. he ask for nothing he is kind and he doesn't leave you hangin, ect... about 5-6 yrs ago i never heard of him and i ran across his amp repair cd. needless to say i bought it. i knew nothing more about 12v electronics but the basics then when i received his discs i learned a tremendous amount (still learning). now everybody i know wants my to hook up there system, look at their broken stuff, pick out there new stuff and general advise. for years now i have looked around on this forum and recently i registered and it's been great. now i cant wait to get home from work to try what perry has suggested.

I bought his repair dvd a few yrs ago and it is amazing. I would recommend everyone who has anything to do with amps to buy it. I have always been watching him on the forums helping people out. He has helped me in many ways indirectly as in a few cases where I had problems with an amp and I just searched for the model number here and to my amazement he has already helped someone with the same problem on the same amp. Perry you are king of car amps :). Thanks for helping the DIY comunity.

I have a degree in Electronics Technology, but all they do is teach you the basics. Between reading Perry's tutorial, and reading this forum since April, I have learned a lot more then anything I did in school. Best example, was repairing a Hifonics Series VII Zeus, which we thought was not long for this world. After reading some of the amps that Perry helped T/S, and his tutorial, I knew where to start looking on the amp in question. What really shocked me, was when I could look at the TL494 pin voltages, and actual tell that it looked fine. But, Perry was nice enough to verify it looked good, and pointed me to the power supply. All in all for less then 30 dollars worth of parts, that 900 watt Zeus is back in action and playing fine. Perry knows his stuff, and if he is ever in the Dallas area, I will buy him and his family dinner! Thanks again for all your help Perry!!!!
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Great time of year for an appreciation thread !Big thanks to Perry and 1moreamp= Cecil for keeping this section of diyaudio educational , interesting and fun ! :D

I thank you kindly Sir, for the nice words. When I found this place and saw Perry's work I just felt at home here so I also thank Perry for his fine efforts to help other all the time < sometimes six or seven at a time :D
His non-political selflessness sets a standard I myself appreciate, and try to contribute to in a likewise manner...

Many thanks to all and especially you Perry....:cheers:
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