Pensil & SLOB driver?

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Hello. Is there a good full range driver for pensil (or similar) and SLOB ( I'm eyeing the Lii Audio Fast 8s since I've seen them in both.

Ideally I would build the horn first. As time and money and crossover understanding grows I could transfer the driver to the SLOB but I'm not opposed to picking up an Alpair and shelving the SLOB for now. It'd be nice to play both sides to the middle though.
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There are specific Pensil ML-TLs for different Markaudio drivers — there are over 30 of them. There is also L’Stylo (same tuning) for FF105/125wk.

An OB generally needs a very different kind of driver than one for an ML-TL unless you are using EQ on the SLOB.

The Lii Audio drivers are next to impossible to work with given that teh T/S data they provide seems to be mostly BS, so you can only guess.

What are you trying to do?

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