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Pensil series loudspeakers for small listening room

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We got hit in the chest on Christmas day at Graham's place.
His HT Alp7-12 system really got going (to my surprise) on an action movie. The "shock-slam" from the Alp12's was very effective, particularly so in the low ranges. While not a rumbly as a big sub, was way faster and far more accurate. You actually hear detail in the LF sections of the soundtrack. Graham doesn't use a sub.



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Hi Zia, Guys,
I've long wrestled with errant CD's. Drives me nuts when CD's are so called "re-mastered" only to find they're over-compressed. From my memory Bob Brines has also lamented this trend, along with a growing number of DIyers.

My time in Japan last year was very interesting. There's a big studio recording scene in Tokyo. Many audio guys here in HK search out (even fly out) to get hold of Tokyo produced recordings. I've been using "Air Jazz - Tokyo 2006 (Label: Zain Japan, ASIN: B000NVTHJG) for part of my Gen. 2 listening tests. It's got allot of "live" concert material on it, all well-balanced.

I've held onto my old Sony CDP-33EX CD player. Its warm and helps to tame errant CD's. At home I'm using an old Accuphase DP65 (1993), also does this job superbly. Of interest, the DP65 uses Sony's uber-fab R1 transport. The Sony CD player model range can be confusing but usually the 3's, 5's and 7 EX's are worth looking if they are the "all Japan" models using their "G" chassis. These units were superbly built in the early-mid 1990's. Any of these CD players should help "smooth" out re-masters.

In essence guys, search out the decent recordings (old and new). Don't assume that all re-mastered CD's are going to be wonderful. The best of the bunch should be JVC's XRCD. Expensive buy usually excellent.



Hi Mark and everyone interrested!

One of the best recordings i have found in my collection that is a real treasure - have not been listening to it on my old Infinitysystem - but boy did my new Alpair10.2 show me some of the soundscape that (maybe) is the most revealing you can find: Dave Douglas - Strange Liberation (2003 - Arista International Label / Bluebird) Among the player is Bill Frisell. Some of the music can get too jazzy for me at times. But the recording is done direct in studio to a 8-channel Sonoma DSD.
And it is so clear and distinct with every player in their own spot right there in my living-room. SPOOKY.
It is even better than Diana Krall - The Girl in the Other Room (which also has a very good soundscape)!

Best to all

but it is...

One album I especially commend is Follow the Moonstone (Aly Bain & the BT Scotish Ensemble). Don't settle for the mp3 though; you want to seek out a copy of it on CD. You'll find out why within, oh, ten seconds of first putting it on.

Hi Scottmoose!

This is a recording that is based on or including tracks originally composed from a composer that lives a little longer north from my place on the west coast of Norway. Henning Sommero. I remember him from when I was younger(a long time ago....) - when he had some folkoriented tunes in his band Vaarsog(Vårsøg).
HENNING SOMMERRO: Follow the Moonstone - I. Scandinavian Suite - Norsk Musikforlag AS

I will try chasing out them both. I have many folkalbum from Scottland/England/Irland! Clannad, Christy Moore, Cara Dillon, Mary Black, Chieftains and other.

thanks for suggestions for my Alp10.2 and enjoyful listening!!!

Greating to all.

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In Scott's Lake District series, there are 3 different Twin driver boxes, Coniston^2 in particular has had a number of builds owners are peased with. I have a set of ThirlmereRs i'm going to be using as bass with a set of Alpair5 for mid-tweet.

There is a Twin Mar-Kel, and on can also just double up any of the BR (i 1st heard stock Twin EL70 in a PE 1 ft^3 curved back PE box.

Also a Twin ML-TL. Wessex.

Plans here http://www.planet10-hifi.com/boxes-CSS.html


Are these artist familiar for you?

Keb' Mo'
Madeleine Peyroux
Patricia Barber Online
Katie Melua - The Official Website
Diana Krall Official Site | Verve Music Group

Allmost everything what I have heard from their production is top of the class.
Yep except for some close mic recording on a track from Love Scenes, All For You is better in that regard. I also have Dreamland, Cafe Blue and Modern Cool, on CD, they'll sound good played back on just about anything.
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Loose polyfluff -- well teased and as uniform as possible -- is what you want. Fill the entire cabinet (you can leave as much as the bottom 1/3rd of the box free of fluff if that is what it takes to get the bottom you need, very often only to the top of the vent is done for cosmetic purposes.

Every room and taste (and qualities of the polyfluff used) will have a bit different need to achieve optimum... why the back is removeable. On P7 we started with the specifies amount and ended up taking out about a third of it.

Knight Rider,

Pls get your stuffing amount right and give us some more listening impressions. :)


Maybe about 500 grams (or a little bit less) is the optimum amount of stuffing for me. Then I'm happy with the lower bass region. But unfortunately I'm still not happy with the overall sound. I'm not sure what is wrong, maybe the lower mid range area is too thin and the midrange area is boosting too much. This is a little bit strange for me, because I haven't had this kind of problems with earlier loudspeakers.

I did couple of measurements yesterday, to check if there are any problems in frequency responce. According to those measurements there are no big issues. What you think about those small "hills" (blue graph) around 500-600 hz and >1 khz? Are they shouting to my ears?


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sitting a little off axis should help if the highs are too much........

Box stuffing is tricky, you can change it 3 or 4 times before you decide to forget about it.

Looks like you can get them closer to a wall, add some baffle step, try a much wider box, or play with eq. I getting to be a believer in wide baffles (2' or 61cm).

Hmm. No real step-loss indicated in those plots, which show a pretty flat (it's not half bad for an FR based speaker) response to ~5KHz where the A12 begins to peak up. They wouldn't really benefit a great deal from a wider baffle in this sense as driver & box are largely self-correcting, although in terms of wavelaunch & edge diffraction it will obviously be different to a narrower baffle cabinet.

The A12 was designed to be listened to slightly off-axis, as is also indicated in the above plots, along with those from Mark & the Japanese magazine measures, so sitting off axis (about 10 degrees) as noted by Norman is a good move.
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