peerless xxls10 830451

anyone build a subwoofer with this new aluminium woofer from peerless ?
I want to build a subwoofer with this unit which I already have
in winSD it gifs some good result in a reflex loaded system
in a 63 liter enclosure and a 4 inch port gives a fb 26 hz
looks good to me


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thanks for the reply, i do know the xls10 woofer and use it in the other project with 2 Passive radiators in 31 ltr
I saw the xxls10 with aluminum cone but cannot find any project or subwoofer using this woofer
I still want to go for a reflex loaded system as this gave good results in the simulations
Sometimes it pays to enlarge the box to keep vent length down. You have to do quite a bit of tweaking, balancing different parameters. Also keep in mind that a lower tuning will also tend to lower vent velocity.

It's worth flaring both ends of the vent, and paying some attention to this aspect of the design. At xmax at the low end of the passband you will likely have problems with an unflared 4" vent. Unflared it will chuff at low velocity. Again, I recommend looking at Collo's calculator.

Ideally you should shoot for no more than 25m/s vent velocity and use a flare sufficiently large to handle this velocity without adding chuffing. The calculator will allow you to determine this.