Peerless XXLS 12" DVC (830837)- replacement for PE Dayton 12" DVC 295-185?


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2003-03-17 4:30 am

I've been modelling the new XXLS series to see which model would be a suitable replacement for the Dayton Audio 12" DVC (PE #295-185). It will be used in my current 1.5cu ft sealed cabinet and 250W (4ohm) plate amp with boost (v. similar to PE #300-796, boost settings are perhaps different)

I've simulated the XXLS 830845 (12", rec. for sealed cabinets) as well as the 830847 (12", dual 8ohm voice coils, with DST recommending a vented cabinet).

However, in the 1.5cu ft cabinet, the 830847 seems to model better than the 830845. I get a Qtc=1 for the 830845, but Q=0.75 for the 830847. :bigeyes:

Can anyone here confirm/refute my simulations?

I use Subwoofer Designer 2, and the revelant files are at my website:
*lazy response here*

Have you tried other programs to confirm? WinISD pro? If they all tell you the same thing, then you can be more confident, if they vary, then you get some idea of an error margin you are working with ...

Is that dayton the one which is like a shiva clone?

If so, you might consider the SAE 12" from AE speakers which seem to go at very good prices. Granted, Peerless are great value in Australia ...

If you are prepared to play with eq in a sealed box, you can get just about any decent sub to work ...


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2003-03-17 4:30 am
Hi Paul,

Thanks for the pointer. As you can see I'm a bit lazy here, but I just gave it a whack in winISD pro and yeah, they pretty model model the same.

I'd consider importing, but only if it's something we can't get here. eg. 15 or 18" woofers...

It seems that 830847 (XXLS designed for vented) works better in smallish boxes (42L/1.5cu ft) than the 830845 (XXLS driver for sealed)

The 295-185 is the Shiva clone according to LDSG.


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