Peerless XLS12 vs Scanspeak 21W8555


2004-08-21 8:34 pm
Hey mates!

Browsing the forum, surfing various sites and playing around with WinISD I came to the conclusion that XLS12 or 21W8555 might be the best drivers for my next project.
I'm going to build two bass-boxes to support my sealed James-R-Griffin-Crossing-over-Jordan-loudspeakers (Jordan JX92S/Aurum Cantus G2si/G2i). I'm talking about bass-boxes like the Andromeda or eVe II have them at the bottom.

The two drivers above are pretty much the same money and were mentioned in various places as being very good. The XLS would be cool with a slave and could even make it in a smaller box, while the ScanSpeak asks for around 60L.

Anyway, I found no comparison between both of them directly.
Anybody heard/used them or even had the chance to A/B the two of them?

What would you recomend? I'm looking for deep, but clean ,controlled and tight bass, no boomy home theatre sound.
And the answer how they sound like can't be told by WinISD - that's why I ask you.

Rest of the plan is an active filter and gainclones for powering.

Thank you very much in advance!

Ps: I did not start this Thread in the subwoofers forum, cause it's actually about a three way system.