Peerless XLS SUB/PR


2001-12-27 4:01 am
Hiya Griff,
The PRs seem like a good deal but the amps seem a bit expensive to me. A quality second hand integrated should work as well. ( the active cross is nice though) And I thought you had a Shiva. Thought the specs were a bit better on it and you would only have to buy one. Hear they are very good in a 2.2'cu sealed box.
Come on Thatch, we all know that one lonely Shiva is never enough.

I thought that i might be able to get away with the Parts Express 250 Watt, but too much is never enough, what do you think? Also, i can get this in Australia very easily,***.ws4d?jaycar/results(S).html

I thought that the XLS combo was a very good price, and great performance from a small cabinet, makes a nice change from the ole' 142 litre's.
Hello griff!

I think this is a nice combo. I'm considering the driver myself for a comming sub-project. I have listent to a sub with the 12" peerless and the HS500 in a 50 liter closed box and it sounded very god, deep, tight and dynamic. Have a look at this nowegian (only in norwegian:eek:, but still..) site:
It's a slow site so have patience...

I think the driver is also mentioned as a good chioce for a open baffle sub by Linkwitz (replacement woofer #3 in his dipole sub), some comments and measurements.

About the HS500.. this looks to be a serious plate amp. Powerful PS (1KVA toroid), nice control options and no frills! Made in Netherlands I think. I think it's worth it's money.


hey, dont forget WES components, Last time I called the PEERLESS 830500 XLS 12 was around AUS$250, and thats without the shipping import and customs from the US, not sure about the PR though, but I'm sure that would be a better price aswell, Ok, about the plate amp, this is the manufactures homepage here. it shows that they have an Australian Distributor, I checked them out a while ago, but the link supplied seems not to work now... but what I remember they were charging much !MUCH! higher prices than Adire was *sigh* u could ask the Hypex Electronics themselvs could you buy directly off them and see if you can get them for less. (remember we're 240V :D )

Other than that, Good luck :D

griff said:
I thought that i might be able to get away with the Parts Express 250 Watt, but too much is never enough, what do you think?

G'day griff. You don't say where you plan to get the amplifier from, so don't forget; the U.S. has a 120 volt power system wheras Australia is 240 volts. It's okay to import speakers, but a plate amp bought from Parts Express, or any other U.S. source, isn't going to work here.

I was able to get onto the GSO site (the Aus distributor of Hypex), and the HS500 is $1295. I have a mate in the US who is happy to bring anything that i would like down with him on his frequent returns, so if WES comes back and is more expensive, then thats how ill get the drivers. As for the amp, Jaycar have alot of new models, including this beast***.ws4d?jaycar/results(S).html

Or even this it seems to have all the power i need and at a good price, how do they sound?

How do we all think that this would compare to my Shiva???

Thanks for all your replys