Peerless XLS 830533 Datasheet/TS Specs

Hey guys, wondering if anybody had a datasheet for these floating around. I've been through all the places that have a list of Peerless datasheets and they don't include this model.

I had a set of measurements that were given to me, however given the very poor results I've gotten from the few boxes I have built so far I have a sneaking suspicion they might be wrong (or at least far off to make things sound very average).

It seems Peerless gave this two names; it was also 830514.

I searched on "SWR 269" and came up with these.

Me too, but these specs are so, so far from what I was given I wanted to make sure that we're talking about the same thing.

That is who gave me the specs on the subs. We are members of the same organisation haha

The specs I was given are:
Le = 0.844mH
Re = 2.7Ohm
Re+Rs = 49Ohm
Rc = 18.15
Fs = 38hz
Fl = 29hz
Fh = 48hz
Qms = 8.52
Qes = 0.497
Qts = 0.469
Sd = 353cm^2
Dd = 21.2cm
Cms = 359.744 um/N
Vas = 63.651 litre
Bl = 7.954 T*m
Ref Efficiency = 0.678%
SPL = 90.46 Db/W/m

The specs from that 830514 data sheet are:
Le = 0.97
Re = 3.5
Fs = 22.6
Qms = 3.67
Qes = 0.24
Qts = 0.22
Sd = 349cm^2
Cms = 346
Vas = 59.5
Bl = 17.4 T*m
SPL = 85.9 Db/W/m

Now I'd expect a few discrepancies due to testing, but everything is a LONG way off.
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Why don't you just measure your driver's TS specs??? Any one driver unit can deviate 20% from the MFG specs or so...

About the only TS parameter that isn't rather straightforward to measure is Xmax, which you can easily get for this particular driver from a similar model. If you (or anyone) will be building speakers as a hobby, a tool like a WooferTester or some other computer interface that is designed for measuring driver parameters is a very useful tool.
Which pdf ??? The specs in Tromerie's pdf are much closer, though with a lower Qts, Vas, Le than measured, which isn't all that uncommon and since the measured specs a larger cab, then the ones to use or the mean between the two if space is an issue.


Sorry, I'm getting my data sheets mixed up here. That was the TS specs I had listed for an 830452 - another sub that's visually the same with the same physical dimensions.