Peerless Vifa Seas Scan Speak in car use

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I run a small car audio store, the only woofers i carry are kicker, i see other woofers made by peerless vifa and seas that look promising,,,

is there some magic reason why kicker is so loud?
is it possible to achieve similar output with drivers from the othercompanys with similar pricing,,

or is kicker just some magic driver that produces loud bass like no other driver,,,

what kind of spl are drivers like theese capable of

do you guys think that peerless driver would compete with a kicker driver like this:
what you should be looking for is bang for your buck drivers, not sound quality drivers. Those brands are better known for the quality of sound, not quantity.

I'm pretty sure what you're looking for can be found. I dont know how cheap those kicker subs are, but ascendant audio(if they're still around) used to offer extreme bang for the buck. Adire audio did too until they had this new revolution. Adire was amazng before. They had good sound quality, and good bang for your buck. How can you beat that?

Now adire is priced close to the competition. At least the MSRP's are.... I dont know what they're actually selling for these days
thats understandable, but speaking in terms of max spl. which would be loudest? im really trying to get going in is diy thing, and i jsut cant seem to figure out how to determine how loud a driver wil be, i want to have new and innovative products in my car audio shop,

it is very hard to determine what all this peerless stuff is about

has anyone else given up on adire?
i have completely, we need to find a suitable competitor,

peerless has been doing ths for 75 years,, i mean,, thats like before wwII they have to be doing something right

the new xxlss and xxlsp 12 inch subs look phenominal,, why hasn't anybody looked into this?

i think the peerless xxlss 12 inch is some sseeriious competition for the traditional shiva, but wortht he etra 100 bucks,,, hard to say,

go to to checkout all the new peerless performance subwoofers,,

if there was a way to somewhat estimate what the peerless XXLSS in a passive radiator box will perform for max spl in an SUV?

any advice/oppinions/guidance would be apprecaited

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.