Peerless/vifa/dayton home brew speakers

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I have just assembled a pair of 2 way floor standers w/subs - pictured next to a frugalhorn speaker that I built late last year. Just to give an idea of the cabinet size.
I have a plentiful supply of oak boards that used to be a tree in the front yard, so I covered the 3/4'" mdf enclosures with a skin of 7/8" thick oak.
The Peerless 6-1/2" nomex woofer and Vifa XT25 are mounted on a thick mdf baffle in a 0.28 cu ft sealed section of the cabinet. The baffle is removable at the moment, but eventually I may make another and mount the drivers a little closer together and cover the baffle with leather.
The Dayton 10" sub is mounted in a 1.0 cu ft sealed section. The entire enclosure is stuffed with fiberglass and the woofer magnets are braced to sides and rear.
Presently, I am running active with a 2 way 3rd order crossover on the upper drivers and a mono sub out feeding a couple of older Parts Express 150 watt sub amps that I have had for a few years.
After a little experimenting with crossover points, I have settled on 3kHz, and adjusted the tweeter level down about 5db compared to the woofer.
The subs are in danger of overloading the room, and I am quite sure that I will have to Introduce my minidsp into the system to provide equalization.
I am rather pleased with the very unboxy sound, dynamics and detail that I am hearing(these ears are getting pretty old now and 10kHz-maybe is my limit).
I would like to experiment with a passive crossovers for the upper drivers, but have no design experience in that area. I have built a few kit speakers over the years and that is the extent of my crossover experience.
If anyone has a proven design for these two drivers that can be used as a starting point, I will be pleased to hear from you.


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Concerning the low pass I've tested the Nomex164 and the Nkron08 crossover. Both design are 2.5 way using 830875 ans 810921 :

For the fist one, the target curve seems to be LR24 at 3.3 khz, and LR24 at 3 Khz for the second.

I found the second design much better and less tiring at high SPL level, perhaps because there is no tank in || with the coil.

Where do you cross the sub and the 830175 ?
Depending on the crossover point, you may have to take care of the BSC.

ASE - Acoustic Systems Engineering


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Thanks for the reply.
I have been listening with the subs crossed anywhere from 40Hz to 120Hz. Most recordings seem to be best at 50Hz. The crossover point for the upper drivers is 3kHz, but anywhere from 2500Hz to 3500Hz is listenable. LR4.
I don't have a problem with the sonics, but would like to see if I could put together a passive x-over that would compare well. The reason is, I have just assembled a Symasym amp in a temporary enclosure and am very impressed when driving some other speakers, and intend to try it with these.
The link was very informative. I think that I will order these parts. Is the component layout critical? The crossovers will be external to the cabinet.

Quote from link:

For those interested in the XT25 / 830875 combo, here's a TM modeling session.

This includes 3 - 4 dB BSC for a midband sensitivity of just a hair under 85dB.


3mH to the woofer (+)

Series 4uF, .3mH, 2 Ohm across woofer terminals


15uF in series with 2 Ohm to tweeter (+).
Shunt .1mH 20ga in parallel with 5 Ohm.

If you prefer to have that mild BBC dip filled in, increase the 15uF to 18uF and it flattens right out.
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