Peerless STW-350F vs ???


2009-02-03 8:15 pm

I have been looking at some options for building a new subwoofer. It would be mixed use (video and music) with a strong preference toward music quality vs video. My room is 12x24 and I have a pair of efficient towers (92dB) that play in to the mid 30Hz range.

A small enclosure would be required. I'm open to any suggestions but the STW-350F looks like s good option. Anyone build one yet?

I also looked at the Dayton Ultimax 15" but the enclosures were larger. The Moral Ticw 1258ft is interesting but it doesn't seem to appear on any forums. With some eq and room gain the CSS SDX12 XBL2 in a 1cuft box looks like a good option too.

Open to feedback or suggestions!

Second on the sdx12, that peerless may have a smidge more max output but simply doesn't live up to the claims. Very long thread over at avs and data-bass was able to do a free air test on it and those results are posted. If you've got a dump truck full of power, that peerless will take it