Peerless drivers

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Am considering building some WWMTTMWW acoutic susp. 5 amplifier, active equalisation speakers, (to replace a tired old pair of biamped AR9s, those were the days).

I have not been able to audition many Peerless drivers, but am considering using them, (811827, 850488 and 831857). I like the specs, (for what thats worth) and price.

Has anyone had experience with these? Are they well behaved?

Regards WALKER
Tested 850488 some time ago and it is one of the better 5" drivers I have used.
It was a hard battle between Vifa P13WH-00-08.
Both are extremely good for 300-3000 Hz operation.
No 6,5" driver I have used came close to the resolution of these drivers. I also tested a C79 from Thiel & Partner but consider it to impossible to work with even if they sounded fine.
850488 goes 50 Hz deeper in the bass compared to Vifa P13 and have a little peak in the top which gives some extra "spitz" to acoustic instruments. This "spitz" will be there even if you get a perfectly smooth frequency response together with a 1" tweeter. This also made 850488 sound a little more happy and enthusiastic compared to Vifa P13.
Vifa P13 on the other hand is the perfect driver if you want the absolutely most correct sound you can get from cone drivers. With rounded edges on the cabinet you will get a +/- 1dB frequency response from 200-5500 Hz and that is clearly heard as a rock solid soundstage.

As we say in the land downunder "Cheers" (thanks) for that input Janne. I wasn't planning on using the 850488 below 200Hz, I'm planning to crossover to the 831857s at that point.
Also considering passing the ball to the 811827s some where between 2kHz and 3kHz.
I will try to audition the Vifas before going ahead.
Again Cheers, WALKER
I think you swapped the numbers for the bass and midrange.

I just checked the the drivers you want to use, and found that the 12" bass had excellent parameters for a closed box or used with Scan-speaks vents.
Don't think of that tweeter again, I tried it and it doesn't come close to some of the better tweeters around like Focal 120-TDX or Thiel & Partner C2-12.
They are more expensive but definitelly worth the money if you want to have a chance to end up with a true high-end system.

The only doubts I have about a loudspeakers with these drivers is the big difference in tone you have between a cabinet for the 12" bass and the cabinet for the midrange.
Even if you get a perfectly straight frequency response maybe the lowest bass will be too soft and the upper bass a little bit thin and "too" fast.
If you find that this is the case when finished I suggest a 10" bass instead.
This will also reduce the size a bit.
Have thought about how big your speaker will be with four 12" basses ? Weight ? Need a smaller fork lift to move them.

Once again I'm in your debit for the input. I'll checkout the Focal tweeters, (I tend to prefer soft domes) I don't know if I can get the Thiel & Partner's there in Australia.
I didn't swap the bass and mids, I just worded the sentance awkwardly, (831857 bass, 850488 mid and 811827 highs)?
The cabinets are 3 part units, 2x128l boxes one below and one above the mid/high enclosures, (wood is cheap and I don't like ports to listen to, love them to drink).
Regards WALKER
Just remembered that I have heard the Focals in some JMLabs speakers. Sounded wonderfull, just not natural. Noticed how most metal domes have less dampening? I had some Pyramid ribbons, same thing, sounded great, just couldn't live with them for long. I keep going back to well damped soft domes, (Dynaudio Esotars).
Regards WALKER
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