Peerless CSX 217 - TL sub?

I built recently a pair of small speakers mainly for the computer audio. These speakers use the Tang-Band W4-655SA fullrangers. (The "four euro fullrangers" I bought earlier were not so good-quality. These ended up on my garage shelf.)

The TB:s sound surprisingly good but they're not so efficient with lower bass sounds. So could I use a single Peerless 8" CSX 217 woofer as a subwoofer, playing the ~30hz...~100hz area?

TL's interest me, so I decided to simulate this driver in a TL box. What do you think about it? Is the driver too "weak" to be used as a sub?

L : 75 inch
S0 : 2,7 * Sd
SL : 0,5 * Sd
stuffing 0,2 Lb


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